Treasury management, made simple.

Paychart is the software that makes treasury management simple and transparent.

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Treasury's digital twin

Paychart allows you to do away with repetitive, non-value-added tasks and transform the treasury function into a more analytical and professionally stimulating job.

Updates bank statements

Keeps all bank statements constantly up to date and accessible on the same screen. Provides an integrated and clear view of movements and cash at all times. Automatically reconciles transactions.

Compares payments with available cash

Displays, in real time, a list of payment needs and commitments compared to the company’s available cash. Facilitates the forecasting and scheduling of payments.

Centralizes all documents

It centralizes all documents involving treasury movements, such as invoices, contracts or commitments, regardless of their origin or format – paper or file.
Stores all documents in a digital archive so that information is always accessible and up-to-date.

Controls validations and authorizations

Keeps an up-to-date record of treasury decisions, from validating documents to be paid, to deciding what can be paid and when.

A simpler and more efficient treasury

Complete overview of what is happening at any given moment in the entire cash flow

Faster approval, validation, planning and payment of documents

Digital archive for organizing and centralizing documents

Automatic reconciliation of transactions

Digital archive of bank statements and the respective checking


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